This course provides A broad knowledge and understanding of crystals and crystal therapy starting from the ground up with basic background ready to expand into crystal therapy a progressive program that prepares you to use and understand crystals and a exciting enchanting journey that opens up a world of endless possibilities. A journey that offers a multitude of benefits. From enhancing your well-being and spirituality. This course includes two Virtual practical sessions of 2 hours and One face to face session of 3 Hours includes: what you will learn What are crystals, The history of Crystal's, How to work with Crystals, Energy & crystals The meridian, The chakra's, Colour of the Chakra,
Seventeen Chakra, Organ emotion & crystal function,
What is an Aura, How to see your own Aura, Layers of Aura, What is Crystal healing,
Crystal are all around us and in our homes, How to choose Crystals, How to cleanse Crystals.


Module 1 Crystal Therapy intermediate 1
Lesson 1 What you will learn  
Lesson 2 What are Crystals  
Lesson 3 The History of Crystals  
Lesson 4 How to work with Crystals  
Module 2 Crystal Therapy Intermediate 2
Lesson 1 Energy & Crystals The Meridian  
Lesson 2 Energy & Crystals The Meridian Quiz  
Lesson 3 The Chakra's  
Lesson 4 Colour of the Chakra  
Module 3 Crystal Therapy Intermediate 3
Lesson 1 Seventeen Chakra  
Lesson 2 Seventeen Chakra Quiz  
Lesson 3 Organ Emotion & Crystal Function  
Lesson 4 What is an Aura  
Module 4 Crystal Therapy intermediate 4
Lesson 1 How to See Your Own Aura  
Lesson 2 Layers Of The Aura  
Lesson 3 Layers Of The Aura Quiz  
Lesson 4 What Is Crystal Healing  
Module 5 Crystal Therapy intermediate 5
Lesson 1 Crystal are all around us and in our homes  
Lesson 2 How To Choose Crystal's  
Lesson 3 How to Cleanse Crystals  
Lesson 4 practical sessions