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With Spiritual guidance and support from Alison you can increase your spiritual knowledge with online training. Your spiritual journey needs the time to grow as all the best education is transforming and that journey starts here.

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Engaging in the practice of Reiki yields a multitude of enriching benefits that extend beyond the realm of conventional well-being. As a Reiki practitioner, one gains a heightened sense of self-awareness and a profound connection to the universal life force energy. The practice cultivates a deep inner peace, fostering emotional resilience and mental clarity. Reiki serves as a transformative tool for stress reduction, promoting relaxation and balance in the midst of life’s challenges. It opens the gateway to enhanced intuition and spiritual growth, encouraging a more profound understanding of one’s purpose and place in the world. Ultimately, Reiki becomes a holistic journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and compassionate service, offering a pathway to a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

Development and Training

Reiki development and training constitute a transformative self-discovery and healing mastery. Beginning with the foundational teachings, learners embark on a journey to understand the subtle yet potent energy flows that underlie all existence. The training starts at learning self healing and direct healing using the energy and foundation practise then leading onto techniques to channel the direct healing energy to oneself and others. As practitioners progress through different levels of Reiki, they delve deeper into advanced concepts, including various hand positions, distant healing, symbol utilization, and Kotodama. The attunement process, a sacred initiation facilitated by a Reiki master, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the learners ability to connect with and channel universal life force energy. This progression in training of Reiki nurtures personal and spiritual growth. The journey is as much about cultivating mindfulness, intuition, and compassion as it is about acquiring a skill set. Ultimately, Reiki development and training offer a holistic pathway to self-empowerment, enabling practitioners to become conduits of healing light for themselves and others.

Benefits of Reiki

Learning Reiki unfolds profound benefits, weaving together physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The practice of Reiki instils a deep sense of relaxation, reducing stress and promoting overall mental clarity. Through regular sessions, individuals often experience improved sleep, enhanced immune function, and a heightened capacity to manage chronic pain. Emotionally, Reiki serves as a gentle yet potent tool for releasing blockages, fostering emotional balance, and promoting a positive outlook on life. As practitioners develop their skills, they often find a strengthened connection to their intuition and inner wisdom, facilitating personal growth and self-awareness. Additionally, the ability to channel healing energy extends beyond the self, enabling practitioners to offer comfort and relief to others. The practice of Reiki becomes a transformative journey, offering not just a set of skills but a holistic approach to wellness that enriches every aspect of one’s life.

What Reiki can do Creatively

Reiki’s impact extends beyond its healing properties to foster creativity in a myriad of ways. As individuals engage in the practice, they often find that the release of energy blockages opens channels not only for physical healing but also for creative expression. The heightened state of relaxation induced by Reiki allows the mind to enter a more receptive and intuitive space, unlocking new perspectives and ideas. Many practitioners report increased clarity of thought and enhanced problem-solving abilities, contributing to creative breakthroughs in various aspects of their lives. Furthermore, the practice of Reiki nurtures a deeper connection to one’s inner self, encouraging authenticity and self-expression. Whether in the realms of art, writing, or innovative thinking, Reiki serves as a catalyst for tapping into one’s creative reservoir, facilitating a harmonious flow of energy that fuels inspiration and imaginative exploration.

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To ensure the best experience and comprehensive learning, our full online course is thoughtfully divided into three distinct parts. Each part builds upon the previous one, forming a cohesive and progressive journey towards spiritual growth. By completing each part in order, you will gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter and gradually develop the necessary skills and knowledge. This sequential approach allows for a structured and effective learning process, maximizing your potential for transformative growth and providing a well-rounded spiritual education. Embrace the power of progression and embark on this transformative journey by engaging with each part of the course in its intended order.

Stage One Shoden Reiki

Reiki training constitute a transformative self-discovery and healing mastery. Beginning with the foundational teachings, practitioners embark on a journey to understand the subtle yet potent energy flows that underlie all existence. Stage One Shoden Reiki  Is a lot of theory Knowledge and Practical learning with  One Hour online sessions and one  3 Hour face to face session. The course includes, what you will Learn,Reiki History, Reiki explained, The original Reiki Teaching System, Stage One Reiki & Lineage, Learning Reiki, & what you will gain. Mikao Usui Precepts, Mindfulness, Cleansing& Visualisation, The Tanden, Working with Energy, Practical Energy Training, Reiji Empowerments,  Regular self healing meditation, Kotodama.

Stage Two Okuden Reiki

Reiki development and training  moves on from Stage one Shoden Reiki to continue journey of self-discovery and healing mastery.  practitioners embark on a  furthering  their training which  involves various techniques to channel and direct healing energy to oneself and others. As practitioners progress through to stage two Okuden Reiki, they delve deeper into advanced concepts, including  Energy symbol utilization, distant healing, Intuitive intent. This progressive   training honing the technical aspects of Reiki. The journey is as much about cultivating mindfulness, intuition, and compassion as it is about acquiring a skill set. The course includes Theory Knowledge and practical online 2 sessions 1 full day training face to face. Plus content of Mikao Usui Stage 2 Reiki, Using Symbols, Experiencing Earth Ki & Heavenly Ki,  How to draw Reiki Symbols, Meditation SHK, Meditation CKR, Experience Oneness, Distance Healing, Working on other people, Reiji Ho, A Reiji Ho Mudra, Power of Intent, Kotodama Chakra’s

Reiki Master Shinpiden

Reiki Master Shinpiden is this level looks at advanced Reiki symbols, Kotodama, Intent Expanding the use of energy into other fields like Crystals Chakra Pendulum Attunement at all levels western and Mikao original method for your own students Distant connection Meditation methods Mindfulness. This is just a brief outline of what is to come. ……Coming Soon